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Who Are Start Accepting Bitcoin?

We Believe In The Practicalities & Power Of Using Bitcoin As A Payment Method.

Our Mission - Expanding Adoption of Bitcoin To Make Gedling and Nottingham a Bitcoin Hub

Hi, I'm Mitch - that's me in the lovely hat! Chris is a little shy, but if you've had any encounters with East Midlands Crypto Group, you'll likely know him!


We started Start Accepting Bitcoin in April 2023 after multiple discussions in the best place for such things - the local pub!


We've often discussed Bitcoin and the use cases it has to help those who struggle to find a reliable solution for sending and receiving payments. This could be to a lack of existing infrastructure, or sometimes just the inability to get a bank account.


Earlier in April 2023, Mitch headed up a fundraiser for Carlton Town FC - our beloved little local non-league football team. Thanks to the generous and plentiful donations from the Bitcoin community, we managed to raise £273, which was then subsequently spent on food and cleaning goods for Netherfield Food Bank - a record raised by the club, which regularly supports the local community with charitable events.


Following the wonderful outpour, we received a lot of enquiries about how people could donate via this method. We realised, there's still a huge void in understanding and use of Bitcoin.


As with standard banks, unfortunately, there is still a lot of poor information and scams out there which try to con people out of money. We wanted to provide a way that people, individuals and businesses alike, could receive the right information and help to get started with Bitcoin.


We've both been in the Bitcoin space for 6+ years, cutting our teeth in 2017 - Chris was the one who convinced Mitch to start researching Bitcoin in the first place!


Why do we do this for free? It's because we believe so strongly in the potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and how it will go a long way to fighting the problems of the current, inflationary monetary system.


Plus, it's really cool! 🙂


Contact us today to find out how we can help you learn about Bitcoin and how it can benefit you and your business.

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