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Start Accepting Bitcoin
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FREE Business Bitcoin Onboarding

Learn The Basics Of Bitcoin

Don't worry if you haven't got a clue about where to start when it comes to accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, we've all been there!


Start Accepting Bitcoin can help you or your business get to grips with the basics, including how to buy Bitcoin, where to swap it, how to keep it safe and how it works. You don't even have to receive Bitcoin - get paid in Bitcoin, and receive £Pounds to your bank! That, or keep some Bitcoin, it's your choice.


We can go into as much depth as you like, or keep it as simple as you wish. We can arrange to come to you and show you anything you would like to know.


We will also be running regular, local onboarding sessions - contact us to find out more or to host a meetup at your bar, cafe, restaurant or business premises.

Start Using Bitcoin In Your Business

Once you know the basics, it's time to put your knowledge to work!


We can help you find the ideal solution for accepting Bitcoin in your business. Whether you want to swap all Bitcoin for Pound Sterling or if you want to start building a portfolio to hold (or HODL), or somewhere in between, we can get you set.


There are plenty of solutions available which cover a wide range of applications, from multi-payment receiving businesses like bars and restaurants, or single PoS setups.


We've built great relationships with many providers, and we'll find your needs before getting you set up the way you like.

FREE Help With Integrating Bitcoin Payments Into Your Business

Mobile Phone Solutions

The easiest and quickest way of getting started with Bitcoin can be as simple as signing up for a few services and installing a couple of apps on your smartphone.


We can guide you through the process, help you with anything you need, and ensure the setup is working as intended.


You don't even need a PoS! A relatively modern (around 5 years old or less) smartphone should have NFC, which allows payment via the Bolt card.


Most smartphones should at least be able to display an invoice QR to enable the customer to scan and pay.


You can also purchase thermal printers for your Android or iPhone, which retail from £150 and upwards. However, you can easily reconcile from your receiving account, just like a card payment or cash.


With over 20 years of website experience - building, marketing and integrating payment methods - we can help you get your website accepting payment via Bitcoin in no time at all.

Bitcoin Website Integration PoS
Start Accepting Bitcoin UK
Bitcoin Marketing Assistance
Start Accepting Bitcoin UK

FREE Simple, Actionable Marketing Advice For Your Business or Website

Get The Simple Stuff Sorted

We can tell you what you can do to easily expand your reach to new customers, just by accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.


Outside of this, your business website will benefit from the additional SEO effects of link building, firing you up the rankings and encouraging more 'non-Bitcoin' customers to you!


It really is win-win!

Advanced Assistance

We can assist with more than just the basics. Our team of partner developers can help improve your existing website, build a new one for you, or even launch a side project for you to market moving forwards!


These services do incur additional costs, however, we'll always find a way of working with you and your budgets.


Contact us today to find out more about any of the services mentioned above. We're always happy to answer your questions!

What are you waiting for?

Get In Touch & Start Accepting Bitcoin Today!

We do what we do for the love of Bitcoin. There are no hidden costs and if you do want some additional help, we'll always be fair and transparent about what can and cannot be done.

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